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How to unlock the phone without loosing any data if you forget the password

Most of us use password to protect our mobile phone's information. But it is very difficult to remember passwords for most of the time. We face problem when we lost our phones password or pattern lock. Technology experts often recommend using difficult passwords to keep information safe. And the problem is created there. Increases the likelihood of mistakes.

But now if you forget the password you can easily unlock the phone. Let's we know that method-

How to unlock the phone using Android Device Manager?

Please follow this information to unlock your mobile phone's password.

Step 1: Open from your phone or PC
Step 2: Go to . Then log in to the Google account which was previously linked to the phone.
Step 3: After logging in, select the device from the list which you want to unlock.
Step 4: Select 'Lock your phone' and enter a new password. Which will replace your phone's old pin, paraton or password.
Step 5: Click on the 'Lock' option. Then set a new password using the new pin or parartan.

In addition to Android Device Manager, there is one more way to unlock the phone. another way, you may loss your data. But in this methode, you will not lose any data from your phone. After setting Google Assistant properly, an option will come with 'Unlock with voice'. The feature will work on the previously recorded voice. Say 'Ok Google' while the feature is on to unlock the smartphone. Once the diameter of your phone will be unlocked.

If your phone is not linked with google account, then create a google account now and linked right not.


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