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Price comparison is very must thing to buy a monitor for gaming. No matter how much technology will introduce. The fun and pleasure to play games on a monitor in never getting down. Laptops are there but still there is no joy in playing games on a laptop. If you have a good company and a bunch good games then buying a monitor is a need for you.

Now that we are surrounded with many good brands with us but to find a good monitor I a good aunt of money is a task to do. Acer is a brand name for electronics particularly for hardware. It is a Taiwanese multinational corporation and main focus of Acer is advance technology. Acer technology includes a wide range of products of laptops, smartphones, tablets, personal desktops, monitors and also it has projectors too. it is for home usage and even it is consider as a good potion for those who are starting their business in technology. For an office use, it is again consider as a better option. It is an era where band name always matter specially those brands who have name and fame. Acer is not so famous kind of brand but there are also such kind of people who more than the brand actually care for the insight of monitor, who care or the feature and specs it gives. Acer gaming monitor is consider as a fine and good product that has been introduce.

Acer ed242qrwi, a curved screen that even from appearance looks amazing. Now let’s take a look at the specs and feature of Acer ed242qrwi. The screen size if 23.6 inches and the resolution is full HD that is of 1920 x 1080 which even a branded name monitor could give. The curve is quite classy and elegant. The aspect ratio is of 16:9 and the response time is 4 ms along with refresh rate of 75 Hz. A branded monitor also gives same specs with a lot of money and Acer on the other hand, gives a refine specs with less money. The color supported is 16.7 million and the brightness is of 250nit. The static contrast is of 3000:1 and dynamic contrast is around 10000000:1. LED backlight with 178° horizontal and 178° vertical. Vertical alignment of panel type with a Tiltable approximately from 5° to 15°. The VGA port and connector, with the power of 36 W, 500 mW stand by and 500 mW 0ff. the environmental certification includes TÜV-GS, MPR II, RoHS and also TCO Certified Displays. It is available in white color with AMD free sync tearing prevention technology. Without stand, the dimension of this product is 115.30" x 21.49" x 7.65". Approximate weight, without stand is 5.5 lbs. The full package has ED242QR with Curved 23.6" FHD AMD Free Sync Monitor with a Stand and a Power Cord. There are also HDMI Cables and VGA Cables in the package.

The reviews of this product is quite positive and these reviews also help those who are brand conscious and they will give it a shot to a product with more specs. There are number of reviews that has five star and with a positive responses. Even some review side that they are ready to buy 2 of them because of its normal price product with an amazing quality.

Samsung know to be a finest brand name of 21st century and it is also based on electronics. Now there are also number of gaming monitors of Samsung with the best specs and features also it contains high rates. If we see the comparison of Samsung monition with Acer ed242qrwi then both have same dimension, same resolution with same feature but the price difference varies so why not compare and save the product that gives quality product in less price. If we see the UK price comparison site then on, Acer ed242qrwi is around £109.97 which is quite reasonable and affordable for gaming monitor. And if we search Samsung curved gaming monitor then it is for £129.99. Acer is providing worthy benefits in an affordable price whereas Samsung is also providing benefits but with a higher price so why not buy a product in which you can save some money. Retail prices is always little higher than the original price because it include manufacture’s cost as well in it also there is a retail markup price. If we see the retail price of Acer ed242qrwi then it is approximate to £110.97 and if we compare retail price of both Samsung and Acer gaming monitor then gain we see a difference in prices. Acer on one hand cost around £110.97 whereas Samsung curved gaming monitor cost around £130.99. This is where tables turn towards Acer Monitor and because of the positive response people would give a thought to it as well.

So after the Comparison from each aspect like, specs, features, looks and from money it has been noted that Acer ed242qrwi has votes in order to buy a monitor for games with a curve shape. Samsung which is consider as finest and premium brand of all time has many loyalist in terms of brand conscious people who are not in favor of buying apple’s products. But android users always have this flexibility to try new gadget unlike apple users. Android gives us many option which allows their user to try new brands as well which will enlist many brands and then it becomes the choice and demands of user that what aspect does he want to be more prominent. Would it be a brand name, would be a feature, would it be a specification, would it be the internal memory, would it be a bright and contrast level of monitor that would allow gamer to have an experience of the world in game. Only then, if he is clear to his choice and demand, then he can make it to survey and if want feature and specs and good brightness level then Acer ed242qrwi is the best choice.

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