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Hard Reset information of KARBONN K140 Mobile Phone step by step process

Here I will show you Step By Step Process of Hard Reset info of KARBONN K140  Mobile Phone.  To reset your KARBONN K140  mobile, you need to follow this easy steps which I describe below. You don't need any software to reset your KARBONN K140  mobile Phone. I hope you will get help from this tutorial. Because This tutorial will 100% works for you. This tutorial will increase your knowledge of KARBONN K140 mobile phones master reset code.

Before resetting your KARBONN K140 Mobile please read this instruction carefully from here.

Please follow this simple steps to master hard reset your KARBONN K140 mobile?

Here I will tell you two method. and all this method will works for you. Use any one of this method which you like. Know the short code of KARBONN K140 mobile Phone from here.

Method 1:

Step 1: Remove SIM CARD and Memory Card from your KARBONN K140 Mobile Phone.

Step 2: Go to the "Main menu" of your KARBONN K140 Mobile phone.
Step 3: Go to "Settings" from the "Main menu"
Step 4: Then go to "Phone Settings" from "Settings" Menu.
Step 5: Now go to "Restore Factory Settings" from the Settings menu.
Step 6: Here you will see "Input Phone Password" With a "blank Box"
Step 7: Now enter your Mobile Phones Restore Factory Settings Password.
Step 8: Now press OK to reset your phone. (Now you will get a notification like this) Clear user data?
Step 9: Press Yes and after pressing yes, Wait to complete the whole process. Your phone will re-start automatically. all complete.
Well done!

Let's we see, How to reset code KARBONN K140 At a glance: 

1. Go to the Home screen, and select Menu. Then navigate to Settings -> Restore Factory Settings -> OK -> Enter password->Yes. ->Now press OK to reset your phone. (Now you will get a notification like this) Restore Factory Settings? or Clear user data?->Now press OK

2. Next, accept all information on your screen.

3. Well done!

Your KARBONN K140 Mobile's Restore Factory Settings default Password is = "1234 "

If you do not change your default password in before, then your password is "1234 ".

Note: If you do now want to use this 1st method, try this 2nd method.

Method 2:

Step 1: Hold down the Power button to switch on your KARBONN K140 mobile.
Step 2: Then Simply dial this following code: *2767*3855#
Step 3: Now will see the information about resetting your phone.
Step 4: If your phone ask for password, press 1234. (1234 is the default password of KARBONN K140 Mobile)

Step 5: Wait to complete the whole process. 
Well done! The hard reset has just been performed.

If you change your password of your KARBONN K140 , then enter that password which you have change otherwise this default password will not work for your phone.

If you follow this steps, then you will be able to reset your KARBONN K140 Mobile successfully.

We advised you to keep back up your phone settings before trying these codes to your KARBONN K140 . Save all phone numbers, important message and other information to the sim or memory card etc. Some phones clear the phone memory when it reset. So I will suggest you to remove your SIM Card and Memory Card from your KARBONN K140 Phone.

Remember: We are NOT responsible for any damage to your mobile phone.

Note: If this default reset code does not work on your KARBONN K140 mobile, then please let us know by comment. we shall try to help you as soon as possible

Additional Information  KARBONN K140 Mobile Phone :

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions): 

Hi, here I have write Some common important questions on KARBONN K140 mobile which you need to know (FAQ). If you have more questions, then ask me here or let me know by comment. If you know any questions answer, them let me know I will update it. 

Important question and Answer on KARBONN K140 mobile 

Now read this question and answer from below. If you cannot understand any question or answer clearly, then let me know by comment. 

Q: Why do I need to hard reset KARBONN K140 mobile?

A: You need to hard reset KARBONN K140 mobile when you will get this following problem.

  1. Your KARBONN K140 mobile works too slowly or stops working. 
  2. Regain default functionality of your KARBONN K140 mobile
  3. Reset and disable forgotten screen pin or password lock or pattern lock.
  4. You need to reset your phone before sell. If you do not reset before sell, all your important data will get the phone buyer. 
  5. You need to reset your phone after buy because you need to delete others data. It helps to delete all data in a few clicks.

Q: How does factory reset affect voicemail on my KARBONN K140 ? 

A: Your voicemail message will not affect by factory data reset because voicemail will not save your KARBONN K140 mobile’s internal storage. All voice voicemails are stored in your network provider. 

Q: What should I do before the hard reset of my KARBONN K140 mobile?

  1. Charge your battery full. Remember it should not less than 80%. 
  2. back up all the files which you do not want to lose. You can do it by using your computer or an SD card. 
  3. Backing up all applications which you installed on your KARBONN K140 mobile. After the hard reset, install them one by one.

Know more details from here the Most Important Things you should know before Hard Reset Mobile Phone

Now you can reset your device. 

Q: How will factory reset affect the SD card in KARBONN K140 mobile phone?

A: Hard factory reset will not any effect on your KARBONN K140 mobiles SD Card. Hard factory reset will not erase or delete your external memory cards data. 
If you want to delete or erase your external memory cards data then you can use format option. This option will delete all data of your memory card. This option is usually not selected by default but keep in mind that when will try to reset your device, make sure you don't select it manually. 

Q: I have forgotten my SIM card’s PIN code for my KARBONN K140 mobile. Now, What can I do?

A: First you should try to remember. You should not enter the wrong PIN code more than three. Actually, this is not a function of your KARBONN K140 mobile. It is a sim function. So if you lost your pin code or PUK code, then you can recover it from the customer service of your provider. And you can find it the sim card packet. Remember, the Hard reset will not help you to recover your sim card’s PIN Code or PUK code. 

Q: Will factory reset affect the software on KARBONN K140 mobile phone?

A: No, The software and the operating system’s of your KARBONN K140 mobile phone will not be affected by the hard reset in a direct way. 

Q: Will factory reset effect or delete my points and levels in games installed on KARBONN K140 ?

A: Yes, the factory reset will affect or delete all your points and levels in games which installed and perform on KARBONN K140 If the application or game is installed on its internal storage, If you do not want to delete your points and levels of games, then you just need to create the specific backup before hard factory reset. And after successful reset, you need to restore the games particular backup. 

Q: What gets deleted from KARBONN K140 mobile phone during a hard reset?

A: Your KARBONN K140 will delete all user data and customer settings Without originally or preset from the company there). After reset your device will be the same as if it came right from the store.

Q: How does a factory reset exactly work in KARBONN K140 ?

A: Factory data reset on KARBONN K140 deletes the addresses of all of your data but does not overwrite it. That way the device does not longer know where exactly the data is stored. There are ways to recover it.

Q: Is It Safe to Format Factory Reset of KARBONN K140 Mobile Phone?

A: KARBONN K140 mobile phone Format Factory Reset is 100% safe and it should not affect the device. it is supposed to clearing all data and reinstalling the default setting.

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