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How to Reset WINSTAR WBX-5 by Code?

I will show you, How to Master Reset or Reset Factory settings WINSTAR WBX-5? To reset your WINSTAR WBX-5 mobile, you need to follow just easy 5 steps. Just know the way, you don't need any software to reset your WINSTAR WBX-5 mobile Phone. I hope they will get help from this tutorial. Because This tutorial will 100% works for you. This tutorial will increase your knowledge on mobile phones master reset code.

How to Master Reset WINSTAR WBX-5 by code?

Now I will show you "How to reset code or Reset Factory settings of WINSTAR WBX-5?". I will request to all the readers, please try to follow every step of all the tutorial to get better results. So please Fallow these quick steps and you will be able to master reset your phone.

So read, learn, apply and enjoy.........

How to Master Reset WINSTAR WBX-5?

Before resetting your WINSTAR WBX-5 Mobile please read this instruction carefully from here.

We advised you to keep back up your phone settings before trying these codes to your WINSTAR WBX-5. Save all phone numbers, important message and other information to the sim or memory card etc. Some phones clear the phone memory when it reset. So I will suggest you to remove your SIM Card and Memory Card from your WINSTAR WBX-5 Phone.

Please follow this simple steps to master reset WINSTAR WBX-5?

Step 1: Remove SIM CARD and Memory Card from your WINSTAR WBX-5 Mobile Phone.
Step 2: Go to the "Main menu" of your phone. 
Step 3: Go to "Settings" from the "Main menu"
Step 4: Then go to "Phone Settings" from "Settings" Menu.
Step 5: Now go to "Restore Factory Settings" from the Settings menu.
Step 6: Here you will see "Input Phone Password" With a "blank Box"
Step 7: Now enter your Mobile Phones Restore Factory Settings Password. 
Step 8: Now press OK to reset your phone. (Now you will get a notification like this) Clear user data?

Let's we see, How to reset code WINSTAR WBX-5At a glance: 

1. Go to the Home screen, and select Menu. Then navigate to Settings -> Restore Factory Settings -> OK -> Enter password->Yes. ->Now press OK to reset your phone. (Now you will get a notification like this) Clear user data?->Now press OK
2. Next, accept all information on your screen.
3. Well done!

Your WINSTAR WBX-5Mobile's Restore Factory Settings default Password is = "1234 "

If you do not change your default password in before, then your password is "1234 ".

If you change your password of your WINSTAR WBX-5, then enter that password which you have change otherwise this default password will not work for your phone.

If you follow this steps, then you will be able to reset your WINSTAR WBX-5 Mobile successfully.

Remember: We are NOT responsible for any damage to your mobile phone.

How to flash WINSTAR WBX-5?

You can reset your WINSTAR-WBS-5 mobile phone buy flash. Now I will share with you the winstar official flash file so that, you can flash your WINSTAR WBX-5 mobile

You will find the direct official link to download this mobile flash file(firmware), on your computer. flash file comes in a zip package, which post's flash file, flash tool and USB driver install guidelines, look down part how-to-flash.

WINSTAR WBX-5 flash File Information

File Name:Winstar WBX-5
Cpu Name & Model : SCI 6531A
File Type: Zip

File Size:3.8 MB

How To Flash WINSTAR WBX-4 by using flash File?

To flash your WINSTAR WBX-5 mobile follow this steps below: 
Step 1. Download and extract the File on your computer
Step 2. Install the SCI USB Driver on your computer
Step 3. Open a flashing tool in your computer
Step 4. Connected your phone USB cable to computer
Step 5. Click the start or connect button
Step 6. Insert battery in mobile

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