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Free master reset codes for konka mobile phone

Hi Friends, how are you today? Hope you are well. Welcome to my  Free master reset codes for konka mobile phone tutorial section. Today I shall discuss  Free master reset codes for konka mobile phone. I will request to all the readers of my website, please try to follow every step of all the tutorial to get better results.
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Free master reset codes for Konka mobile phone

Service codes Konka:
C926 software version: *320# Send
C926 set the English language: *#0044# Send
C926 set default language: *#0000# Send

Warning: Please note that do not enter any wrong code because it may damage your phone.

Here is a service code for Konka Mobile. If you need reset code of Konka Mobile, Then Please let us know your Konka Mobiles Model No: I shall try to provide your master reset codes for konka mobile phone absolutely Free
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  1. This post is very usefulful for me which I was looking for - Free master reset codes for konka mobile phone. So thanks for this valuable post.

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  2. Hello,
    Could you please give me the code for my konka V6830? Now I can't access the recovery mode which is locked. Thank's. Cheers, Sylvestre

  3. Hi there,
    I put a pin on my konka w105 and cant remeber it. Are you able to help me unlock my phone please?
    Thank you

  4. my konka w970 android phone how can i reset it.?/

  5. I need the reset code for a konka k6288 phone please :-)

  6. hello i need to reset my t640s konka mobile phone please n thanks

  7. Thanks for this valuable tutorial.

  8. I need a code for my konka u7 mobile phone

  9. Were are the codes for konka r8a