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In previous 20 tutorials, I have discussed Samsung unlock code. But today I shall discuss Reset Code. Yes, Friends, Today I shall discuss, How to reset security code for all mobile. Because many of my blog readers request me to write about this. They ask me to answer this following question:

  • How to unlock code Nokia?
  • How to reset Nokia security code?
  • How to reset security code of Nokia
  • How to master reset security code of Nokia mobile?
  • How to master reset unknown security code of Nokia mobile?
  • How can I change Security code of my Nokia mobile?
  • How to master code change in Nokia mobile?
  • How can I master reset unknown security code of Nokia mobile?
  • How to recover forget security code of Nokia phone?
  • How to find my security code of Nokia mobile?
  • How to unlock Master code of Nokia mobile?
  • How to unlock Nokia mobile security code?

On regarding this questions, I have set to write this tutorial. If you are looking for reset code to reset security code of your Mobile, PDF, Document, Internet Modem, and Computer, then you have come in right place. because we offer free reset code service all over the world throughout this blog.

Now a days there are thousands of companies of the world provides various kinds of the handset, Some of them are popular. Here I have to collect All mobiles reset code (Popularly known as reset security code or master code, or master reset security in different countries of the world)

Reset security code or Password to all China Mobile 

Here are some remarkable chines mobile security code or password. you can apply to reset your phone.

Some Important thinks you should know before resetting your phone.

  • The Main reason of Reset Password of Mobile phone.
  • What is IMEI?
  • What is Password?

Reset Service codes Konka Mobile

C926 To see software version: *320# Send
Shortcode of C926 set default language from another language: *#0000# Send
C926 set the English language: *#0044# Send

Service codes GStar:

GM208 (Chinese Nokia 6230+)

Engineering menu: *#66*#
Set language to English: *#0044#

ZTE Mobile:

1- *938*737381#


Model: E205
unlocking phone code,only press***847# without simcard
E900 software version: *#5002*8376263#
E900 full reset: *2767*3855#

Service codes Spice:
S404 enable COM port: *#42253646633# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200
S410 Engineer mode: *#3646633#
S900 Cheek for software version: *#8375#
S900 Serial no: *#33778#
IMEI: *#06#

Service codes Philips:

S200 enable COM port: *#3338913# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200

Service codes "Chinese" models:
Default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
Go to home screen and dial -
1. *#110*01# - to Set for Engineer mode:
2. *#987# - to Set for Factory mode.
3. to Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
4. *#987*99# - to Reset Restore factory settings.
5. *#369# - to LCD contrast.
6. *#800# - to cheek software version.
7. *#900# - to cheek software version.

Service codes BenQ:

Go to home screen and dial -
*#300# to cheek software version.
test mode: *#302*20040615#

Service codes Pantech:
software version: *01763*79837#
service menu: *01763*476#
reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *01763*737381#

Reset Service codes of VK-Mobile **x, 5xx:

Go to home screen and dial -
software version: *#79#
software version: *#837#
service menu: *#85*364# (hold #)

Reset codes of VK200, VK2000, VK2010, VK2020, VK4000:

Go to home screen and dial -
*#79# - for software version:
*#9998*8336# (hold #) - for service menu:
*#9998*7328# (hold #) - reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default):

Service codes Konka:
Dial *320#  C926 software version.
Dial *#0000#  C926 set default language.
Dial *#0044#  C926 set English language.

Service codes Motofone-F3:

Go to home screen and dial -
Send **9999* - Motofone F3 software version.
***500* /***501* for Prepaid Balance Display ON | OFF
***300* for Set SIM Pin
***310* / ***311* SIM Pin ON | OFF
***000* Reset Factory settings
***644* Set Voicemail number
***260* / ***261* Auto keypad lock ON | OFF
***510* / ***511* Voice Prompts ON | OFF
***160* / ***161* Restricted Calling (Phonebook only) ON | OFF
***200608* Send: software version
***200606* Send: software version
***200806* Send: flex version
***250* / ***251* Keypad tones ON | OFF
***470* Select time format
***520* for Change language

All China Mobile's Reset Code

Here are some Default user code for your better help: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678

*#66*# Set Factory Mode CONFIRMED
*#8375# Show Software Version CONFIRMED
*#0000# + Send: Set Default Language CONFIRMED
*#0007# + Send: Set Language to Russian CONFIRMED
*#0033# + Send: Set Language to French CONFIRMED
*#0034# + Send: Set Language to Spanish CONFIRMED
*#0039# + Send: Set Language to Italian CONFIRMED
*#0044# + Send: Set Language to English CONFIRMED
*#800# make Etel E10 model displaying message BT power on. But on display, it don't resemble the Bluetooth power on icon.(actually, t makes BT stuck, but after restarting t becomes normal )

More necessary codes to reset Chinese mobile phone you can try to reset your phone.

Some common questions:
1. What is reset / Password?
2. When your Reset code will not work or help?

This Security code will not help if your phone isn't the incompatibility with the phone model.
This Security code will not help if you tried to enter wrong Security Code too many times; in this case, try to wait 10 minutes before entering reset security code.
This Security code will not help if you try to unlock your phone from the service provider (you need another code for that).

But Beware:              
Always remember that when you are entering these unlock codes, you only have for chances, otherwise, your phone could permanently lock.  This code may perform a phone reset. Please make sure your phone book is backed up before entering any codes. We are NOT responsible for any damage to your mobile phone.

We advised you to keep back up your phone settings before trying these codes. Save all phone numbers, important message and other information to the sim or memory card etc. Some phones clear the phone memory when it reset.

NB: We are NOT responsible for any damage to your mobile phone.

If you do not find your phone model this page, If you want our help, then use our comment section. Just write a comment thus,

" How to reset code symphony B4 (your phone model) " you will get your Reset code and help from us shortly.

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Free master reset codes for konka mobile phone
Service codes Konka:
C926 software version: *320# Send
C926 set English language: *#0044# Send
C926 set default language: *#0000# Send

Here is a service code for Konka Mobile. If you need reset code of Konka Mobile, Then Please let us know your Konka Mobiles Model No.
Thanks For Visit This Blog.

Please help me to Unlock my 'eTouch 559pro' . it is locked with a code ! help me . the IMEI 1 :356004041102676 , IMEI 2 :356004041111677. this phone made in china. my email :

Thanks for this essential website Reset Code For All Mobile Phone because I have got my phones reset code.

i forget my sim lock in my samsung c3312..... pls give me the unlocking codes

china mobile XTRON X2690
Plz give me code

rokea r5305 hard reset code please

hello i am using nokia 7610 ,, i forget its pasword kindly tell me how to reset it ?

dear all ,
i am using forme t2 mini phone problem is i want to use pass word protection in phone, but for privacy setting phone asks pass word to change setting ( means company pass word ) please i am requesting all you there to suggest me for
this problem.

How to reset code symphony B4 (Red Apple A2688)

Reset code for sony xperia tipo please

hello all frinds my blackberry model 9650c company thui ddual sim gsm pohne i forget my password plase help me

hello my china mobile GALAX G5570 is blocked with pattern pls. help me my email id is

Could you please help me my phone is a Sony Xperia L IMEI 35786505-754259-4 my fone is locked on Vodafone UK and its also hard locked I think my email address is I will be indebted to you forever if you can help me

Kindly help me reset code for privacy lock on Chinese OT-710d phone

"How to reset code micromax x265"

To reset code your symphony B4 Just follow this following instruction below:
1. Go to main Menu and select settings Menu.
2. Select Restore factory settings
Your phone should display this following text-
[Input phone password]
3. Enter your password and wait for a few minutes until your phone restart automatically.
** Please backup your phone before this task.

Hi. can you help me unlock my xperia L.i lock screen and don't remember the code. My email : thank you.

please help me to unlock the security code for nokia MORE105 phone (china). thanks.

How can reset Nokia C3-TV. when power on the phone it display "input power on pwd (4-8)
any help.
Thanks in advance! email

Hi how to unlock at&t lumia 520, can u give me the 20 number code ??

how to unlock iphone chinese clone forgot my paswaord

how to unlock zigo b377 i forgot my password....plz help me

Micromax a36

for sm-n9006 note 3 clone please dial code factory reset

for sm-n9006 note 3 clone please dial code for factory reset i cant hard reset

Pls help my donod v9 is locked

how to unlock cherry mobile d11 mini ? I can't find any site teaching how to restore factory settings of cherry mobile phones :(

How to reset code voice v180 factroy resat

plz tell me d privacy pwd for the forme x6303

Reset code for Vinovo.
IMEI: 354804053675291

wat is a security reset for nokia x2-05

Can i have reset code for xperia j.
IMEI no. 354386056115731.
No sim in this phone.
Thank u

My phone is Cherrymobile Q500 or Life 2

ipro phone--it blocked its pattern code...wad shud i do?

how to unlock china mobile m19 start up password code in case if password is forgotten.

Can I have a reset code for PANASONIC EZ240

My son was playing with my phone and put a password now I can't unlock it it's a Chinese D Three model CHICK cn you help

Can the Sim lock Network counter be reset on my Sony Xperia Z
If so
Thank you

i forgot my Password to Factory reset.
my phone model is Cherry Mobile c2.
Please, help me how to reset my phone.

I have important message to read.
Here's my number 09303959163, if anyone know how to reset just text me please.
it would be a great help and i would really appreciate it so much.


how to reset DO EXECUTIVE mobile phone.i dont remember phone password .thank you.

Hi. I have a voice mobile v750. I forget my password. Kindly send me some suggestions. Thanks

kindly help me how to reset a d11 mini or email me

Blackberry culve

Please help me the reseting code for blackberry curlve

Hi I have a Skype phone s2 made by Amoi in china phone is locked to the 3 network Imei no is 354222022146403.
Can you please help me to reset this phone.
Thank you. email is

how to unlock gallery lock in my nokia205 china copy


hello i forgot my screen lock password? my phone is disco mobile model k2.. what should i do?

send me factory reset code c101 forme cina mobile send me anyone plx

357119051710140 imie num forme c101 china mobile factory reset code

Please help me to reset sony xperia sp model C5303

Please help me reset sony xperia sp c5303 code emergency Don't know *#*#7378423#*#* s poo bon

symphony model B7 I Forgot Input phone password pls help me.

Simunlock samsung galaxy gt s5570mini imei 356794048931636 my email

Simunlock code samsung galaxy mini gt s5570 imei 356794048931636 email thank you

How to reset code BQ K18 (best quality) phone? The phone password has been locked out and I have forgotten the password pls help me if it is possible...Sumit

Good day, please help me unlock my phone, I can't open it, I forgot the phone lock passcode, the model is D25TV, IMEI1:862847022852447 IMEI2: 862847022954441.

plz help Zigo B377 chaina mobile Reset Restore factory settings cods....plzzzzzzzz ????

Reset Restore factory settings code plesce...Zigo B337

how to unlock nktel k300 or factory reset?



can anyone tell reset codes for fortune f32i

can anyone tell me reset codes for fortune f32i

i forgot my Password to Factory reset.
my phone model is Cherry Mobile c2.
Please, help me how to reset my phone.
Symphony B14
IME code : 357184061701984

i forgot my passwor,pls tell me how i can reset micromax x090.

i can forgot my passwor,tell me reset code micromax x090

I need a Sim unlock code for sgh-1727r
Email ;

Input phone password Tecno T526 351501062537941

i don't know my symphony B19 password

plz give me the password

forgot phone password for old cherry mobile D11TV.. please help

for QNET Mobile Phone, B2 Model.. password forgot, thanks & God Bless..

Hello there i forgot my privacy lock of my cherry mobile t18 and allmost all apps have privacy and so cant use myphone here hope you can help me hard reset myphone asap.. my IMEI: is 860450024713071/ 860450025497872 thanks alot for ahead ....will really hoping you can help me..thanks so much and god bless

How to open a c702 ..I forget the my password

forgot phone password Maximus m510m
Help plz

how ca. i use my xperia v3+ if its unlock how i cn recover

how to restore factory my nokia K18 china i forgot my privacy code password ?


How can i reset this. my|phone ignite3? Please i need your responce. Thank you

please help me unlock my phone vinko m8 china phone

reset code for DISKO model: 8S
please send me code urgency

how yo crack the Vell com c6 phone lock passward

How can unlock the screen password of china cell

Please help me how unlock my china phone Timmy E86?

I Want to Factory Reset My O7 Model 111 But i Forget The Password Soo Please Help Mee.....

My Phone is Symphony B9 can you please help me to recover my phone password?

Symphony b4i security lock

Hello need symphony c102 factory rest code.


Hello need symphony Qnet Q15 unlock password...

how to reset rokea phone

Please give me my mobile reset password by videocon mobile phone model v1405

Reset sony xperia O2 from lock screen. No Sim card
SI 1270-1929.3

screen lock password model ELaITEL model GT 90001...

Hello iam use G mobile rest code pls?

how to unlock the locked tecno phone t612?

how to hard reset Ding Ding Iron 2?

I need help to reset my Gostar model 920 china.
Wait your help please.
N'est regards.

Hi, I need help to unlock my facetel model T6 china mobile...
Please help me

Please help me to unlock my phone DARAGO.

help me on how to reset a Vinko mobile

I want to know the Master reset code of Samsung mobile.
My phone model is samsung galaxy s7

Hi, to to this link to get your Master Reset Code of Samsung Mobile instructions.
Thanks for your comments.

i want to master key for LAVA KTT50 MOBILE I LOST MY PASSWORD

help me on how unlocking of skk b4 mobile tnx...

SIR HELP MI KENXINDA SHINE 2001 pattern lock solution

sir. please help me reset my fon blueberry CSL. i already tried 1122 1234 3344 5678. it dint work. please email me at =

How to restore panasonic gs22

How to reset code Lesun N28i Please i have forgot the code !

" How to reset code symphony B4 (SINGTECH G9

Everything thing is available after hard rest and sim slot not working and big thing without sim show full network so please suggest me how to resolve these prob please , model no micromax x090 it is basic phone please give me solution as soon as possible please ,thank you

How to reset code symphony B4 (Mocor, IMEI: 355462069598061)

I have forgotten my phone lock password for mechanical ko9 please help me

Sorry, I Did not find any mobile phone with this model "mechanical ko9".
Do you mean Forme KO9?

If yes, replay me again.

Click here to get your tutorial
How to reset factory settings Symphony B4?

Here you will get step by step instructions for reset your mobile phone. Hope this tutorial will help you

How to reset security code of e-tel t18

How to reset security code of e-tel t18

Sorry, Did not find your phone model. Please write again.

I have a DISKO phone SONY C3 to be exact my problem is i have forgotten my password, i tried 4-5 times to open it now it's locked and need a google account but i also forgot what google account i have registered in the phone is there any way to open my phone again??? How can i hard reset my phone???

did you already know how??

hi how to unlock my vinko IP6..i. need help...

3532570663081920 is my imei code, model Xperia m2 D2305 and i have a sim lock and I'm stuck in india, i need to make an emergency call and no sim card works on my mobile, please help.. My email is

Pls help me to unlock
Sony Xperia C1905
IMEI 350961051827391
United Kingdom
Thanks you

i want to unlock e tel e06 phone..can you help me

i forgot my Password to Factory reset.
my phone model is Nokia 105

pls kindly show me me password on itel 4553

Merci pour les infos, je trouve pas de reference pour desimlocker:
IMEI: 355 341 062 430 243
IL fonctionnait d'abord avec SFR et je voudrais l'utiliser dans un notre PAYS, Merci de bien vouloir m'apporter votre aide si precieuse..
Mon compteur est encore a 3 essais (j'ai encore 3 tentatives pour introduire le code)..

how do i reset a Relaxx X2 china phone

Sony xperiya rest krna hai petan lok aa gya piliss koi bta do sony xperiya d2202.

I forget my phone password.device

cn u pls help me with a unlocking code my imei nr is 911321800370361/911321800370379 of Winncom w412

Itel it2060 forgotten password imei 354159077201529


i forgotten the password of my cherry mobile cp1, how to recover it again and how to open it. thank you and God Bless.

how can reset password in rivo c120 plz tell me

How can i reset my phone security code in Rivo Jaguar j 500 ?

zigo B431 how broken password

I am forget society password please send mobile resat mobile MAXX T2

how to reset input password to skk b2

Hard reset code of four mobile s300i

how factory reset symphony t150? forgot password

Reset Code For All Mobile Phone. this article is very useful article for all mobile users. thanks for sharing this information.

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help me oktel phone mf3 lock sos need

Hi i have forgotten my username and password ..Please help me to hard reset my mobile
yoo call model s20
Imei 1: 352884060850899
Imei 2:352884060850907

I forgot my unlocking password for my Tecno T33 IMEI 359690054988949 help me with the master unlocking code for this model

paano to ma unlock ang SKK mobile b11 lock kasi eh pa help namn.

Please write your phone model No: to get your reset code.

reset code please my phone is skk b2 ty

I want to reset my skk-b-10x Mobile. But I cannot. Please help me. How to reset skk-b-10x. Please help me.

Please tell me the reset process of Nokia X2.00 Mobile

Please get me the master reset code for OKING Chinese keypad phone

my phone sicho q7 how to reset screen lock password

How to Reset Code unlock symphony BL60? I need to know default reset code.

Hi, Thanks for your comment . Please try this tutorial for Reset Code unlock symphony BL60. Here you will get the default reset code.
symphony BL60 default reset code is - 1122

Find your desired phone model from here.
How to Master Reset Wynncom Mobile
Thanks fro your comment.

Fecteri reset kingstar ksb30

How to Master Reset Settings Wynncom Y90? Please help.

plz sir help me kechaoda k28 reset passward send me

kyepad my phone-m11 reset kye

How to reset Sony mobile easily?

How can i reset fero f180

How to unlock Nokia 105?
Please help.

Hi, I need to reset my Nokia X2. Please help.

hi i need to remove keypad password lock mafe mini model no. m508 please help

xperia ion lt28h how to remove pin lock

vai symphony mobaile kono numer theke call astece na sudu bondho dekhaitace .. but ami call dile onno number a jacce

please help me

how to reset zigo b571in case if password is forgotten.

I do agree with all of the ideas you have offered for your post.

They are very convincing and will certainly work.

Still, the posts are very brief for novices. May just you please extend them a
little from next time? Thanks for the post.

It's impressive that you are getting ideas from this post as well as
from our dialogue made here.

Did you buy new phone?

DId you get it?

Please send me reset password of my mafeking mobile... My email is Please

Thanks for your advice.
I shall try.....

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